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'Bed-of-Nails' Implant Could Deter Breast Cancer, Surgeon Says

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Dr. Andrew Smith, who specializes in breast reconstruction in California, talks about the potential of a new type of breast implant developed by Brown University researchers that may be able to prevent regrowth of cancer cells.

Irvine, California (April 2012) – Dr. Andrew Smith ( says a new breast implant under development at Brown University may have an immensely positive effect for patients undergoing breast reconstruction at his California practice.

According to a recent news release, researchers from Brown University have created a breast implant that could help prevent cancer cell growth. The implant attracts healthy endothelial cells for breast tissue while inhibiting cancer cells from being able to collect vital nutrients.

It has been nicknamed the "bed-of-nails" implant because of its bumpy outer surface, which appears to prevent cancer cells from growing and thriving.

"The 'bed-of-nails' implant is a promising example of how reconstructive surgery techniques are developing," Dr. Smith says. "It is always my goal to help patients during this challenging time by using the most advanced techniques, so I look forward to this new implant becoming available."

The new implant is made of a federally approved polymer. The surface texture of the implant is made up of very tiny bumps that are thought to discourage the regrowth of cancer cells.

"This specially designed texture could inhibit new cancer cells' ability to flourish," Dr. Smith says. "In addition, researchers are finding that it also may help promote the growth of healthy cells."

Dr. Smith says that although this technology is still under development, it could have great benefits for his Orange County breast surgery patients if it becomes available in the future.

"There's no questioning that the new implant could positively influence breast cancer recovery patients," Dr. Smith says. "While this science is new, it does provide an exciting glimpse into how the future of reconstructive breast surgery might look."

Dr. Smith offers a range of options in Orange County for breast implants, and he customizes each procedure to meet the specific needs of the patient. He is dedicated to providing personal service and to helping women have a smooth and speedy recovery from surgery.

To meet with Dr. Smith, request a consultation online or call his office at 949.653.7000 and speak to his helpful office staff.

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